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Be a Real American - Buy a Truxedo Tonneau Cover

Posted on February 20 2013

I have been living in the USA now for 6 months and I got so many impressions referring to all possible areas. First of all, there are the tons of fast food restaurants all over in the USA. It does not matter if you are in a small suburb, in the desert or in one of the cities, you can definitely find a McDonalds or Jack in the Box. There you can feed your starving stomach with burgers, fries and salads (since people have recognized that they are a bit too heavy for their size, even the guys with the "heavy bones"). I am from Germany and we have exactly the same problems with balanced foods and fat people - so this is not just an American issue. However, the problem in the US is that the number of restaurants is far higher than anywhere else in the world. But this is just one impression I got after my arrival here in the states. Another was the open minded nature of the Americans and their interest in other cultures. For instance, when I arrived in L.A. and had no clue how to get to San Diego, there were so many people who offered me help and gave me some very helpful advice for my following trip. Eventually, the traveling by trains and busses took more than six hours, but this duration is caused by the bad train system between L.A. and San Diego, not due to the advice.Furthermore, I have to admit that my impressions here are based on the characteristics of the sunshine state California and especially San Diego, the city I loved after I had set foot in the first time. I live next to the beach where I can surf all the day when I have off. Additionally the sun is shining at least 300 days a year, even now in November, when I am actually used to temperatures that demand warm jackets, scarves, and hats. Now, I am able to wear t-shirts and shorts most of the time. But as I mentioned, this kind of life is by far not common for the whole USA, so I want to underline that I can just tell my experiences and impressions I got here in Southern California. The last characteristic I recognized about people in the USA is one that they have in common with many German people: the passion for autos. But there is one big difference concerning this passion. The Germans are more focused on sports cars like the Mercedes SLK or the Z3 that are very fast and compact. But Americans purchase autos that are able to drive off road without any hassles. They buy big trucks that are taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant so that I sometimes had the impression I was in a new episode of Jurassic Park just made on the streets of San Diego. In order to adjust to my new hometown I bought one of these huge trucks. But afterwards I compared my vehicle to all the other ones and I recognized that just a big truck is not the key to being outstanding on the road. If you really want to convince your new neighbors that you are one of them, you need all the equipment for the truck. Unfortunately, this kind of adjustment is more expensive than you would think. There are tons of truck accessories and they all seem to be necessary for being competitive. So I had to figure out a criterion that helps me find the best accessory that I can afford with my monthly paycheck.Finally I decided to buy a product that is both stylish and functional. So I ended up buying a tonneau cover. Now, I hope I am totally accepted by my American friends and colleagues and I can start introducing German habits in my new home. I promise nothing is better than a good Bavarian "Hefeweizen" and tasteful "Weiswurst". The one thing I would never change just to fit in better with society - German food!

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